Renuka Shahane takes a dig at Vijay Mallya, the 'real kingfisher' with a 'punny' photo series

Renuka Shahane targets industrialist, Vijay Mallya in a hard-hitting Facebook post. Mentions how he is 'living the very good times' in the United Kingdom.

We all are entitled to have our opinion and so is Renuka Shahane. Looks like the actress has decided to take on everyone and everything that is in news or has been in news and is also enjoying all the media attention. After speaking about Sonu Nigam’s azaan controversy, Renuka Shahane has again taken to Facebook, this time taking a dig at absconding Indian industrialist, Vijay Mallya. It seems Renuka Shahane loves the tool of sarcasm (we do too) and writing long detailed posts and still getting her point across quite clearly.

In her latest Facebook post, Renuka Shahane has posted 4 photographs of a Kingfisher  in varied poses and for each pose she has a different caption, as if explaining the thoughts the Kingfisher is having after the entire Rs 900 crore loan default case. Kingfisher bird was the mascot of Vijay Mallya’s now defunt airlines, Kingfisher Airlines and in Renuka Shahane’s post, the ‘real Kingfisher’ is ashamed as well as mortified for its name was used and then misused and then abused by Mallya who took loans worth crores from different Indian banks and then fled India without repaying them.

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Her post laments how the poor farmers are still living a hand-to-mouth existence and even worse, while Vijay Mallya is off living in the United Kingdom and actually ‘living the very good times’, referring to  Kingfisher Airlines’ tagline ‘Fly The Good Times’.

Can’t agree more with her last photograph caption. Humans do have a twisted way of thinking, which she calls ‘higher order thinking’, and truly so, because only with that amount of planning can you actually abscond and manage to remain absconding.

Check out Renuka Shahane’s posts below:

Renuka Shahane’s sarcasm skills are up-to-the-mark. Agree? Don’t agree? Let us know in the comments section.

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