7 vegetarian Bengali dishes that you cannot afford to miss this Durga Puja!

Think Durga Puja is all about non-veg food? Think again! Here's our list of scrumptious veg dishes that you can chow down on while celebrating Durga Puja

It’s that time of the year when Bengalis are super duper enthusiastic! Durga Puja is here and not just Bengalis, but the entire country goes crazy! Why? The festive fever, the colours, the good vibes and the feeling of belonging! Also because of the amazing food. The tastes are so varied and intense that it’s like a party for anybody’s taste buds. The nine days of celebration are like euphoria for anyone who experiences it.

It’s an extravaganza that no Bengali wants to miss and every non-Bengali wants to experience at least once! While non-vegetarian food is what floods pandals and parties, there is still hope for vegetarians who want to be a part of the festivities. Here’s a list of lip-smacking scrumptious vegetarian dishes that you can chow down on while celebrating Durga Puja:


Puchka is the Bengali version of our favorite pani puri and it is the best. Ditch the traditional feast and go for a Puchka eating contest instead! Sounds fun?

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Probably the best vegetarian dish out there, aloo (Potato) and mocha (Banana flower) chop is a gastronomical delight. The simple flavors will leave you wanting for more!


Khichudi and labra (mixed Vegetable) is 100% vegetarian and is served as bhog or prasad. You can never go wrong with some mouthwatering Bengali khichdi, can ya?

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Delicious maida-poories deep fried in ghee and pan-fried marinated slices of Eggplant will make your mouth water like never before!


Shukto is of various types, depending on the type of spices or vegetables used. In general, it is a little bitter in taste because of bitter gourd. Out of all the types of shukto, try dudh shukto where milk is used to temper the taste of the whole preparation!


Aloo in lightly spiced poppy seeds paste with steamed rice will make you go ‘mamma mia!


Chana daal boiled in turmeric and tempered with spices is the most delicious thing you’ll ever it. Club it with some luchi or rice and you’ll be good to go!

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