How Women in Mumbai Can Regain Their Virginity Through Hymenoplasty

Indian people’s obsession with virginity is not unheard of. Despite being educated, modern, and experienced, most Indian boys seek a virgin bride. Chastity is a desired quality in our nation when it comes to marriage; our culture puts virginity synonymous with the dignity, honor, and integrity of a woman. 

Not everything is okay with Indian society and a broken hymen

Sex is taboo in our country, and sex before marriage, a sin. Though things are not the same for men and women here. When it comes to men, sex before marriage can be and is accepted as fun. But when it comes to women, it can cost you a hard time relating to your matrimonial prospect. 

A ‘sealed’ or an ‘intact’ hymen in most cases define whether a female is the right one to marry or not. The scenario is the same throughout the country, including the ‘city of dreams’ – Mumbai. No matter how highly one talks about the Bollywood capital of the nation, it cannot be denied that there is a significant section of people in Mumbai who consider a woman’s virginity as a desired quality for marriage. We may talk and do a lot about women empowerment, but we cannot discard the fact that the Indian culture is rooted in a woman’s vagina and an unbroken hymen – it is a pre-requisite for most men and several in-laws.


But, much unlike what people think and understand, hymen and virginity and are not actually interrelated. The hymen is a physical element, but virginity is a state of a person who has never indulged in sexual intercourse. A hymen is a physical concept; virginity is a social concept. 

A broken or perforated hymen can bring a lot of emotional, psychological, physical consequences in the life of a married woman. To hide the truth associated with her hymen – what her family and her husband consider a moral disgrace, most women resort to different ways to fake her virginity and prove her purity.

There are also endless episodes of women who get their hymen torn as a result of sexual assault such as rape. As heinous it may sound, it is an undeniable truth that hundreds of women are subject to sexual assault every day in almost every city of our country including Mumbai. To hide the dark chapter of their life, to bury the past, and to begin a new chapter in their life afresh, these women take the help of surgical hymen restoration, which is commonly known as hymenoplasty in medical terms.

To understand how women in Mumbai and other cities can regain their virginity through surgical procedures, let’s understand hymenoplasty in detail.

What is hymenoplasty?


Hymenoplasty is the surgical procedure to reconstruct a broken or perforated hymen, the thin membrane of skin made of elastic and fibrous tissues located at the opening of the vagina. The purpose of hymenoplasty is to help women get a reconstructed hymen, which often gets torn due to sexual intercourse, extensive exercise, or as a result of an accident. True to the purpose that the surgery serves, hymenoplasty may colloquially be also known as revirgination.

How women can restore their broken hymen through hymenoplasty?

Though most people believe that the hymen only gets torn during sexual penetration, it is not always so. The hymen may be torn during cycling or gymnastics too. Approximately 1 in 1,000 girls are born with what’s called an imperforate hymen. This is a hymen in which no opening to the vagina is present.


But since society deems an intact hymen as necessary, women take help of hymenoplasty. The procedure is usually perforated either by a gynecologist or a cosmetic surgeon. In the procedure, the edges of the torn hymen are brought together and stitched with dissolvable sutures to make it look whole and new again. Gradually, the tissue gets intact and the outer appearance of the hymen looks as good as one that is not perforated. Once the tissues are stitched, the gynecologist coats the area with antibiotic ointments to allow the surgical site to heal faster. The surgical procedure of hymen restoration takes around 30 minutes and the suture takes 15-21 days to get dissolved without any external help. 

There are many situations where the broken hymeneal remnants are not enough to create a new hymen. In such cases, the hymenoplasty doctor surgically reduces the opening of the mucosal tissue of the vagina. 

What are the benefits of hymenoplasty?

The purpose of hymenoplasty is universal – to help a woman get a new hymen. How it benefits a particular individual may vary. For most women, an intact hymen is a necessity. It is something she cannot do without in her marriage and hence she resorts to hymenoplasty surgery. 

For many women, hymenoplasty is nothing but an artificial extravagance. For many women, the intact hymen is the special idea of a first-night courtship. These women get benefitted from hymenoplasty since it gives them a sense of personal ownership and comfort. In some cultures, the hymen is equated with their social status, a ruptur3ed hymen before the marriage can bring personal as well as a social disaster. The choices of getting hymenoplasty may vary, but there’s no denying that hymenoplasty does bring in emotional and physical comfort for a lot of women.
Is hymenoplasty safe for all women?

Yes, hymenoplasty is safe and effective in most cases. Once the surgery is over and the woman gets a fresh-looking hymen, there’s no way somebody can point out that she has undergone surgery to get a new hymen. Hymenoplasty is a safe, medically recommended, and quick surgical reconstruction of the hymen. The surgery is performed under the influence of anesthesia, and hence the woman will not feel any significant pain. There would be no long-term scars left from hymenoplasty; once the surgical sutures dissolve, there would be no scars or marks left in the vagina. The hymenoplasty treatment also guarantees no risk of infections or any major complications, but one needs to make sure that the surgery is performed only by an experienced and trained doctor for utmost safety. 

The woman only needs to refrain from indulging in sexual penetration until the surgical site heals, or her wedding night, in case that was her need for the entire treatment. The woman needs to maintain vaginal hygiene and refrain from putting anything inside the vagina. After cleaning the vagina (use only water and no soap or chemicals), it is important to wipe the vaginal walls dry.

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