When a far-right German politician, Frauke Petry quoted Mahatma Gandhi after win

Far-right German politician, Frauke Petry went on quote Mahatma Gandhi after her magnificent win

German far-right politician from the Alternative für Deutschland AfD, Frauke Petry left a number of people baffled after she quit the party just hours after being elected. Petry went on to post a cryptic tweet and quoted Mahatma Gandhi soon after her magnificent success. The quote that is written in the German language translates to “First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.”

Petry took her party member by surprise after she announced her decision of not joining AfD in the German parliament. The party has managed to grab 13 percent of the vote and over 80 parliamentary seats. “I decided after careful reflection that I will not sit with the (AfD) parliamentary group,” she told the media in Berlin before walking out of a press conference. It is unclear whether she will be a member of the party outside parliament. Labelling her decision to not join the new party group a “bombshell” party co-chair Jörg Meuthen claimed that he had “no knowledge” about the recent development.

A far-right wing of the AfD, Petry had promoted the use of live firearms to deal with the illegal border crossing. She had also called for a ban a few elements of Islam including the minarets lodged at the German towns.

Known for her anti-Muslim views, Petry is also an openly gay leader. She also has two children with her partner. Ex Goldman Sachs executive Alice Weidel and former conservative Alexander Gauland were party’s lead candidate and not Frauke Petry.