Irked By Journalist's Question, Virat Kohli Lets Old Habit Take Over

Virat Kohli's love-hate relationship with the reporters continues

After India’s 1-4 loss to England, captain Virat Kohli was bound to face a few tough questions. But one of them — a reference to coach Ravi Shastri’s remark of how other teams “had great players” — seemed to have pushed his buttons. A reporter asked whether tags like ‘the best Indian team in the last 15 years’ puts pressure on the team, to which Kohli got agitated.

It was a mistake on both sides. The question and answer both could have been framed better. But this is not the first time a journalist has tried to ruffle Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s feather. This was not Kohli’s first conference, it won’t be his last, till the time he captains the Indian side he will have to face the heat. Kohli should know by now the nature of post-match press conferences, especially after a Test series loss overseas which will give rise to a huge number of questions.

Here’s how people on social media reacted to Virat’s comments:

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We saw similar outbursts after Champions Trophy 2017 loss as well as Test series loss to South Africa. The 29-year-old has matured as a cricketer over the years—his recent performance (593 runs from 10 innings) against England is a testimony to that—but a little more patience would do wonders to his relationship with the press (if only, it matters to him).