Sushmita Sen's befitting and 'fiery' response to those obsessed with why she's single

41-year-old Sushmita Sen is single, in no hurry to change her marital status and knows how to deal with such questions with swag

She is successful and independent, but still, people ask her “why still single?” We are talking about a mother of two — Sushmita Sen. It’s the biggest question that every woman has to answer when she turns 30. Everybody wants to know just one thing — When are you getting married, why are you still single? People can’t face the fact that a woman in India can be single, independent and successful at the same time.

While Salman Khan even at 51 is still considered as the most eligible bachelor, it is late for the woman who just crossed 30. Anyway, here we are not comparing the two. Sushmita Sen, 41, is however in no hurry to change her marital status and over time has learned how to deal with such questions with swag. Sushmita has been single for some time now and knows exactly what to say when people ask such questions.

Sen took to Instagram to answer this question with style. She shared a post with a caption: “Why not? I am secure in my choice and in being so, I can respect and appreciate another’s choice, whatever it may be. After all, singles or doubles, we play to win. As for me let’s just say, ‘I am yet to meet that sire, who loves to play with fire.”

Not only Sushmita, but also her fans supported her by appreciating her take:


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