Meet Samantha, the world's first sex doll that can switch from naughty to sanskaari in no time

The creators say that Samantha the sex doll is a perfect companion for lonely people out there. Check out what she looks like:

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s AI. You can talk to her, tell her you love her and she won’t shy away from making a move on you. Sounds like the perfect woman, right? Well, she isn’t a woman, per say. We’re talking about a sex robot- Samantha the ‘sanskaari’ sex robot. This is as close as you can get to fiction — a sex doll that can switch to a family mode and talk about everything under the sky right from science to philosophy. Well, at least you don’t have to hide her from everyone like those blowup dolls!

Sold at a price of about Rs 3.1 lakhs, Samantha has a ‘sex’ mode for all your kinks and ‘family’ mode for when you gotta introduce her to your peeps! Here’s what else is different about Samantha: Her skin, unlike the regular sex dolls, is pretty realistic and is made of different textures. She interacts with other people using artificial intelligence that is fed into her and she also has a charging slot with a USB cable. So you pretty much get the entire package for just Rs. 3.1 lakhs!

The creators, a mom and son duo, say that the doll is way better than the other cheap blow-up dolls and is a perfect companion for lonely people out there. This is what she looks like:

Not bad for someone who isn’t real, right?

Intrigued? Check out what the creators have to say about their sanskaari sex doll right here:

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