Live Updates Bigg Boss 10 Finale 2017: Manveer Gurjar wins the trophy, our hearts and respect

The stage is set. Bigg Boss 10 finale has begun with Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan in the house. Here is the name of the winner who wins Rs 40 lakh

The day awaited by both the contestants and the audience of the high-octane show Bigg Boss 10 is finally here. The inmates spend many weeks in the house away from the outer world.  After braving many situations in the house, the contestants who made up till the last are- Bani J, Lopamudra Raut, Manveer Gujjar and Manu Punjabi. This season was particularly unique because it was for the first time that the gates of the house were opened for common people.

This is the live blog of the episode that is airing right now.

  • Bu-bye Bigg Boss. Until we meet again.
  • Salman ending by saying do not trouble your family was amazing. I wish he said this in one of his films.
  • And the winner is Manveer Gurjar. Woohooo! I am flying high on the sky.

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Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Gurjar

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  • I guess Bigg Boss teaches everything, something. Even the viewers.
  • If I scream don’t gooooo, will they stay? I am getting emotional like Bani and I was not even a participant.
  • Why does one part of my heart cry a bit in hearing the Bigg Boss voice for the last time? Maybe I was so used to listening it every night.
  • I agree, the season was outstanding. (But the show also hit a low.) This had to be mentioned.
  • Will miss this stunning Bigg Boss house. Who will not though?

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  • The mandatory break before the announcement. Can’t reality shows do without it? I guess not.
  • The last call through Jio TV. I am already getting nostalgic.
  • Keeping the competition aside, I think emotions is what makes Bigg Boss.
  • For a commoner to enjoy the kind of popularity Manveer does, is a huge deal (Read the biggest deal in the whole wide world).
  • Gauhar has been a constant support to Bani despite being outside. That’s what best friends do
  • Bani and Manveer had also developed a nice bond. Bani’s popularity was obvious, I think. She is a known face.
  • Sidharth is comparing his co-star to Monalisa. Maybe, if she was out of the house earlier , Mona would have been cast.

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  • And we are back to Salman promoting another of Colors’ show. (Tired of this)
  • Lopamudra Raut gets evicted. She seemed like a winner in the start. I liked her for standing up for what she believed.

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  • But you know what? Dance performances like these have always happened in the Bigg Boss finale. Remember, Gauhar and Tanisha?
  • They are Dhakkad and they are dancing. I wonder if Lopa and Bani will ever talk to each other after the show?


  • So now he is talking to Bani and Lopa. I thought these two will gel in the season but that never happened. 36 ka akda is what this is.
  • How do you manage to crack such jokes always Salman?
  • Salman Khan was undoubtedly the best part of Bigg Boss 10. I will miss laughing to all his jokes on the weekends.
  • The kids seems pretty excited but Salman doesn’t. Maybe someone should rescue him from them.


  • Sohail Khan comes to the show and tells about what childhood was like in the Khan-daan. Turns out they also threw stones like us :). Neha Dhupia is here too
Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan

  • I think too much of Rising Star is happening in the finale. Can we keep it as Bigg Boss finale please?

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  • Salman Khan dancing to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, that’s what I call paisa-vasool.
  • Mouni Roy, the Naagin of television, gives a elegant performance. Oh, Karishma Tanna follows her. By the way, she is looking disastrous. Who is her stylist anyway?


  •  Did you notice how Salman Khan mentioned about his court case, in a subtle way? Gotcha!
  • Ok, uff! Finally… the first break. I am going to get myself a cup of coffee. You stay tuned…
  • I can’t wait to see this show. I mean my hate about these reality TV shows aside, Rising Superstar definitely looks different. Am I wrong?
  • And what a stellar performance! Shankar Mahadevan is a musician turned magician, hands down!
  • Salman tells about Colors’ new show Rising Superstar that marks the TV debut of Diljit Dosanjh
Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh on the Bigg Boss sets

Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh on the Bigg Boss sets

Manu, Manveer and Mona dance to hit songs

Manu, Manveer and Monalisa dance to hit songs

  • Ok, yeah! Monalisa was also a pivotal part of the journey of two men inside the house. They made M3. Awww… I am going to miss these 3 musketeers 🙁
  • Viewers are taken down the memory lane of Manu’s stay and his friendship with Manveer and Monalisa.
  • And this is definitely the best nostalgia about Bigg Boss 10 — Manu and Manveer’s friendship. Isn’t it?


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  • And oh! Hrithik takes a moment to thank Salman for all the help and motivation he gave to Hrithik in the past. Haters, time to shut up!

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  • Well, this also means that all the rumours regarding the bitter bond between Salman and Hrithik have to come to end now
  • Hrithik Roshan is in the house and tells all about the bond he shares with Salman Khan. They groove to Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai


Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan at the grand finale of Bigg Boss

Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan at the grand finale of Bigg Boss

  • Salman Khan reveals that Manu’s decision was good since he ranked four in terms of votes.

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  • Manu Punjabi takes the tough decision to take Rs 10 lakhs and quit the race to the trophy
  • Knowing Swami Om was slapped on debate makes the finalists happy. Wondering why? This may help:

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  • News anchor Dibang tells inmates about all the big news that they missed including demonatisation, Donald Trump winnineg US elections  and Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepping down as the captain of Indian Cricket team.
  • It is an overflow of emotions for the contestants Bani J, Manveer Gujjar, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut as they see their family members after more than three months
  • Bigg Boss congratulates the contestants and shows them messages of their family members. Their new makeovers looks stunning on them.
  • The contestants speak about how the show changed life for them.
Evicted contestants attend the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10

Evicted contestants attend the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

  • Salman Khan wearing a ghamcha and dancing is a scene you cannot miss:salman-khan-dancing


Surviving this season was not easy for any of these participants who made it so far. The presence of inmates like Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om made things more difficult for them. This was probably the biggest reason why the four finalists broke down in the house a few days ago when Bigg Boss congratulated them on the completion of the last task.


Mouni Roy performing at the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10

Mouni Roy performing at the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10