'I'm a Mallu': Actress Ashwathy Warrier's wedding video is as quirky as it gets

Featuring Rinosh George's song 'I'm a Mallu', the wedding video of Ashwathy Warrier and Abilash Unnikrishnan is now doing the rounds on social media.

When Rinosh George’s song ‘I’m a Mallu’ came out last year, it got viral owing to its stereotype-shattering lyrics. The song addressed many stereotypes surrounding Malayalis and also revolved around taking pride in being what you are. The song has resurfaced on the internet and it is all thanks to the wedding video of South Indian actress and model Ashwathy Warrier.

Ashwathy Warrier recently got married to Abilash Unnikrishnan and their wedding video seems to have touched many chords. Lip-syncing to the tune of the popular ‘I’m a Mallu’ song, the newly-weds, dressed in traditional wear, put a quirky contrast to the quintessential North Indian wedding that we are all too familiar with.

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Produced by SDS Studio, the video includes not only the young lot but even the elders of the family who are engrossed in dancing along to the nifty track. Just because Malayali weddings are often known to be short, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, right?

Here is the full video:

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The 2:32-minute long video has been viewed over 80,000 times at the time of writing and has received earned the affection of a lot of viewers. “Fantastic Family 🙂 Innovative Choreography,” read one comment on the video. “That’s really sweet seeing family bonding in this video. God bless,” stated another.

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Just in case you happened to find the song pretty catchy (seriously, who wouldn’t?), here is a link to the video of the original song:

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