Watch: This bride dressed in a T-Rex costume will give a run for money to all your fancy wedding videos

At a pre-wedding shoot, for best results, troll your groom while you are a T-Rex and he is all decked up waiting for you.

What comes to your mind when you think of a wedding’s first look video? Beautiful pictures that have affection and love written all over them and the whole excitement of the bride and groom seeing each other fully decked for their wedding nuptials, right? Let this video change your idea of a first look video for a long time to come.

In a video uploaded by Jon Clark weddings, a bride-to-be decided to turn this moment into one of the most memorable and hilarious ones for the couple. While women put their best foot forward for this video, this lady put on an inflatable-rex costume and trolled the groom.

The moment at which the grooms turns around and sees his bride-zilla, literally, leads to one of the most priceless moments a wedding would have ever seen. He laughs out loud and continues to laugh for a good amount of time before unzipping his to-be wife’s troll costume. From underneath the T-Rex emerges his amused wife and the husband cannot stop laughing even by this time.

While such videos look nice in their own way with all those beautiful locales and pretty dresses, this one-of-a-kind first look video shows the couple has brilliant chemistry. What better than making people laugh together via their pre-wedding videos.

The love is not missing though and several I love you’s are exchanged right after the groom manages to bring the bride out of her costume. All in all, this is one of the best first look videos one would see.