Watch: Abish Mathew's parody of cringe-inducing pre-wedding videos is a laugh riot

Because, what's a wedding without some epic awkwardness between the couple that the family can totally cash in on.

Just as we were about to get over the overdose of mush that pre-wedding photoshoots were, couples threw pre-wedding videos our way. Though it’s very unfair to judge how people decide to express love, these videos are totally worth a hilarious take on them. This is exactly what stand-up comedian Abish Mathew decided to do and came up with his own parody version of the phenomena that pre-wedding videos are.

From the groom walking in to some very cliched romantic song and taking his shades off to the bride waiting in feigned anticipation, all the jazz has been taken into account in Mathew’s parody. This laugh riot of a parody resonates the cringe we all feel when we come across these pretentious pre-wedding videos. Nothing wrong with love or PDA to be honest, but fake roses falling all over while the couple is lazing on some playground? Really, now?

It’s unfathomable how the couple makes it through such videos right till the end and still stay in love enough to marry each other. After all that dancing and running about in the video, one has to have some next-level dedication to one’s significant other to refrain from being cranky.

Without much ado now, we shall leave you to watch the parody of all those cringe-worthy videos we have all seen. How much did Mathew manage to make you laugh? Do tell us.