Watch: Bizarre video shows UFO soaring through clouds

WTF! Aliens use a wormhole to travel to earth

One word that defined 2016 in terms of space science is Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs, that were sighted all across the world from Paris to Geneva and from India to the United States.

The word ‘alien’ gained popularity as even the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking warned the world against searching for the extra-terrestrial. What’s even more baffling is the fact that this year, images and videos showing the UFOs leaving the surfaces of the sun and the moon were also recorded. While the UFO enthusiasts affirmed that the aliens were closer to us than ever before, critics argued otherwise. And this time around, another video showing a UFO soaring through the clouds has sent the social media and UFO enthusiasts into a strange frenzy.

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A video that was captured at an unknown location, shows a streak of blue tractor beam like-lightning soaring through the clouds. Though the origins of the videos are unknown, it was first posted on the Facebook by a Spanish group. According to the fans and fanatics, the streak of lightning is a wormhole that the aliens used to travel to the earth.

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The video has sparked an online debate wherein the skeptics are arguing that the video is a fake one. While some people are arguing that it’s a streak of lightning, UFO enthusiasts believe that given the frequency of UFO sightings witnessed this year, it could very well be a real one.

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Last month, spaceships were reported hovering above the skies in Canada and Mexico. The video that was recorded on a mobile phone showed four lights blinking weirdly before one suddenly disappears from the view in Brandon, Canada.