Blinking lights spark UFO fears in Canada and Mexico

With Canada and Mexico being the sites of the latest UFO sightings, are we facing the threat of an alien invasion?

It was a starry November night when blinking lights sent chills among the people in Canada and Mexico.

Apparently, a bizarre series of blinking spaceships have been reported hovering above the skies in Brandon, Canada.

A petrified man claimed that the blinking UFOs followed him along a 12-mile stretch of a motorway in Brandon, Canada. A video that was recorded on a mobile phone shows four lights blinking weirdly before one suddenly disappears from the view.

He uploaded the video on the Internet saying, “I am shaking right now.”

“It is crazy, they followed me along the highway. I can’t believe I am holding the camera this steady,” he claimed in the video.

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A similar incident was reported in the small town of Patzcuaro, Mexico, where a strange light was seen moving slowly in the sky before disappearing completely.

The year 2016 hs been evidential, particularly in terms of the number of UFO sightings across the globe.

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Earlier this month, conspiracy theorists claimed to have spotted hundreds of UFOs leaving the surface of the moon. However, the video that was uploaded on the YouTube by Gary Vigil, was quickly dismissed by the skeptics who believed that it was ‘Chromatic Aberration’, an optical defect that occurs when a lens is unable to focus all wavelengths of colours at a common converging point.

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Another UFO sighting was recorded in the United States on November 11, 2016, where an entire fleet of UFOs was seen hovering above lake Michigan. Prior to that, a UFO was spotted stalking Geneva’s La Praille area in October. Also, a UFO was sighted hovering above the Parisian skies in August.