Yikes! Conspiracy theorists spot hundreds of UFOs leaving the moon

Hundreds of UFO leave the Moon. Are we staring at an alien invasion?

Conspiracy theorists have for long claimed to have spotted Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) meandering inside the Earth’s atmosphere. Time and again, people around the globe have shared their experiences of the UFO spottings.

But this time around, what the conspiracy theorists have spotted is unlike what we have ever seen or heard before! Apparently, an alien-hunter claims to have spotted hundreds of UFOs leaving the surface of the moon all at once. The UFOs can be seen taking off from the lower half of the lunar surface on the left-hand side of the screen.

“In an amazing video uploaded to Youtube on November 13th by Geri Vigil, alleged UFO’s can be seen leaving the moon,” Mister Enigma wrote while sharing the video by Gary Vigil.

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However, skeptics believe otherwise. While some people believe that its ‘Chromatic Aberration’, an optical defect that occurs when a lens is unable to focus all wavelengths of colours at a common converging point, others believe that it’s just dust.

“That’s dust on the lens. the moon moves, the dust changes from bright moon to dark background. Therefore on the right-side the dust moves to the opposite direction. clean your stuff please,” said one viewer.

“This is just an optical illusion. It happens when the air’s humidity is high and the light from he moon gets distorted or multiple light sources/bright objects in the distance on the earth gets reflected. It’s some kind of mirage, but definitelly not UFOs leaving the moon that’s for sure,” shared another viewer.

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Earlier this month, an entire fleet of UFOs was sighted hovering above lake Michigan. Though skeptics dismissed the claim saying that they were merely Chinese lanterns, UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring Taiwan from UFO Sightings Daily cited three reasons explaining why that wasn’t true.

“First off, most lanterns are red. Second, even if it is a white lantern, the fire below it will still be red-orange, and we do not see that. Third, the front UFO is moving way faster than the wind,” he had said.