UFO sightings: After Paris, it's Geneva!

After Paris, aliens pay a short visit to Geneva

After an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) made an impromptu visit to Paris in August this year, it’s Geneva that witnessed the latest sighting.

A UFO was sighted hovering above the skies over Geneva’s La Praille area on Wednesday evening. The incident took place at around 8:30pm and it lasted for nearly 20 seconds before it vanished in thin air, the Mirror reported.

As the news went viral, images and videos of the UFO sighting went viral on the social media. Fans and enthusiasts described the UFO as a disc-shaped object with three lights shining brightly in the sky.

In a Facebook post, Uruguayanian footballer Matias Vitkieviez shared a pic of the UFO. “Everyone sees the same thing as me???,” he wrote in his post.

While the onlookers were spooked by this bizarre happening, critics dismissed it as a drone with LED lights.