Ring in the Yuletide spirit this year with this easy-to-make rum momos recipe

The amalgamation of pan-fried momos and rum is something you won't be able to resist. Check out the recipe here

Of all the kinds of momos one can think of, rum momos sound like the dumplings have decided to venture to the wild side. Momo, a dish which has travelled from Tibet to the world over, has become the popular comfort food for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Commonly stuffed with veggies or meat, the morsels with an inclination to melt in your mouth, had started its journey in India with only shredded cabbage and chicken. The dumplings have quite often been experimented with, as variations like tandoori momos, barbeque momos, and fried momos, have also become an instant hit among fans of the dumpling.

But, the amalgamation of pan-fried momos and rum is something, you should definitely try as an interesting Christmas treat. Check out the recipe here and do tell us how it turned out.

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Refined oil
A teeny bit of rum
Barbecue sauce
Pan-fried chicken momos

Tastes best when it’s hot.

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