Why Afghan Burger is baap of all burgers! Check out the recipe here

This street market in Lajpat Nagar has loads to eat and Afghan Burger is one of them

Every Delhiite has visited the Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market at least once in their life. But few know about Vinobha Puri Galli – the street in Lajpat Nagar that offers lip-smacking Afghani food. And what’s special about it? Somewhere in the middle of the alley, there are two stalls that sell ‘Afghan Burger’. The burgers are heavenly to say the least!

What is Afghan Burger and how is it made

Afghan Burger is basically a huge wrap filled with cabbage, tomato, cucumber, shredded chicken, kebab, boiled eggs, French fries, red chutney, and salt. Their special Afghani chutney is made using tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, red chilli and capsicum. The fillings are neatly wrapped in a roti.

What it tastes like

Every bite has a different taste. You will enjoy chicken in one bite, egg in the other and fries in the next. Red chutney definitely adds a tangy flavour to it. It tastes best when hot. Once it is cold, it becomes dry and is difficult to swallow. Also, I couldn’t eat it whole at one go as it was too big for one person to finish.

If you salivating already, scroll further to know where you can get this.

Where: Kabul Burger, Lajpat Nagar 2
Cost: Rs 100
Time: 10 am to 9:00 pm

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