This Place In Kolkata Offers 270 Varieties Of Rosogullas. Tried Them Yet?

Vodka Rosogulla, anyone?

Can you imagine Puchka-flavoured Rosogullas or Green Chilli or vodka-infused? Imagine eating this mouth-watering sweet dish in 270 different flavours. Kolkata-based Swati Saraf has come up with some amazing varieties of everybody’s favourite sweet.

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Her menu includes Cappucino, Kairi, Strawberry, Mangosteen, Gundi Paan-shot, Blackcurrant, Thai flavoured, Green Apple, Red Guava and Barley lemon-flavoured rosogollas. While speaking to her we found that Green Chilli and Puchka Rosogullas are best-selling items among her customers.

She even has something for the health-conscious ones — Karela and Kadipatta rosogolla. That’s not all, fruity rosogollas like Organic Rose, Watermelon, Blueberry, Alphonso and Litchi are also available.

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Where: Kolkata, by order only
Price: Rs 25 per piece (25pcs minimum order)