Did you know these Indian dishes are popular street food in other countries? #DabbaGoals

Check out great Indian foods that are rocking internationally in there original form or with some add-ons.

If you thought butter chicken and chicken tikka masala were the only two dishes foreigners are obsessed about, let us shatter that myth. Here’s a list of some lip-smacking Indian delicacies that have firmly found their

Mutton Curry Bunny Chow: The Indian Mutton Curry is quite popular in Durban but they don’t make it exactly the way we do. Durban curries are usually hotter and comprise tomatoes, chilies and cayenne pepper. They even use a special Durban masala curry powder which has around 12 different ingredients including coriander, cinnamon, cumin, curry leaves, fennel seed, dried chilies and cayenne pepper, ginger and garlic.

Trinidadian Roti/Buss Up Shut: People love roti meals in Trinidad & Tobago, the twin islands of the Caribbean. The roti here is bigger than the kind we eat in India. Roti came to Trinidad in 1800s with immigrant workers and gradually it became a part of their culinary styles. They make rotis by busting up dough on a stovetop. They eat it with curries or roll it with vegetables and mutton dishes.

Apom Manis (Appam): In Malaysia, people eat Apom Manis — a sweeter version of India’s Appam. Though Indian version of Appam has crisp edges, and soft middle, apom is sweeter with a rich eggy taste.

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