Salmon to Croissant: These are the most commonly mispronounced food items

Are you sure you pronounce champagne right?

There are several food items, dishes and drinks that we have been pronouncing wrong all these years.

Croissant: This French piece of light crescent-shaped rolls are perfect to eat for breakfast. The correct pronunciation is:


Hummus: Originated in the middle east, this soft, smooth and creamy dip is made from crushed chickpeas, oil, and lemon juice. Eat it with fresh Pita Bread or as a dip.


Jalapeno: These small hot peppers are usually used in Mexican cooking but work well as sandwich garnish, pizza toppings, and in dips.


Macaron: French sweet meringue cookie cooked with egg whites, granulated sugar, almond powder and food colouring are delicious and often pronounced wrong.


Mozzarella: Soft, white Italian cheese can make any dish mouth-watering, especially pizza.



Risotto: Risotto belongs to north Italian. It is a rice dish made with meat, fish or vegetable broth.


Salmon: If you love sea-food, Salmon must be on your list. The fish is cooked in different ways across the world. And in case you have still not tried it till now, try Salmon Sashimi at least once.


Wasabi: If we have bhoot jolokia, they have wasabi. It is a condiment and is quite pungent. You just can’t eat it all at once, well, not even a spoon. Make sure you first taste a pinch of it.


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Champagne: This white or pink fizzy wine made in Eastern France is a must for every celebration. But next time make sure you pronounce it correctly.


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Quinoa: This gluten-free, high in protein grain in a perfect alternative to starchy grains. You can make salad, upma or risotto too.