8 smart hacks to drink like a boss and not puke

We are not encouraging you to drink, just saving you from that awful sickness

We all have gone through the cycle — sipping a drink, appreciating it, the senses freeing up and boom…it hits. Not the intoxication, the puke…on the floor. So, it’s like riding a roller coaster on a full stomach — going crazy while we are high and suddenly everything moves so fast that we throw up. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not about how much you drink, rather, it’s about how smartly you drink.

So, to save you from waking up grossed out and grossing everybody around you out, we got you some smart hacks.

PS: Not encouraging drinking, just saving you from that sickness

1. Drink, drink and drink but water
Once your alcoholic drink is on the table, you probably don’t look for water. But it is better if you drink a glass of water while sipping your favourite drink. Water will keep you hydrated and prevent nausea.

2. Drink slowly
Though pacing yourself while drinking might seem tough, make sure you consume fewer glasses in an hour. Drink however much you want, but slowly. Set a number and stick to it.

3. Eat
Avoid drinking on empty stomach. Eat some carbs and fatty food before you start. Also, make sure you eat in between your drinking sessions.

4. Chew some ginger or elaichi
Have some pieces of ginger or cardamom, it’ll soothe the stomach and keep the dry heaving to a minimum.

5. Get some fresh air
So, while you are drinking, take a break and step outside. It will certainly be very refreshing and a helpful change. It will reduce the feelings of nausea.

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6. Eat bananas
A great source of potassium, bananas helps to restore the electrolyte balance and water in the body. It is great for fighting against dehydration.

7. Avoid oily food
Never eat anything deep fried or oily while drinking. Instead, go for something light and filling.

Fried Alligator (Photo: Flickr)

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8. Don’t mix
Never mix 3 or more drinks. But if you can’t resist drinks, go for beer for the first half and follow up with something stronger.