Beer Taster to Chocolate Consultant: 7 jobs that are real and pay more than your regular nine-to-five

People are shopping and tasting chocolates for a living. Jealous already? Take a look 7 jobs around the world that sound too good to be true:

Hate your job? Well, we’re here to make things worse (sorry ’bout that). While some people are stuck with jobs they don’t like, some have their dream jobs.  Then there are jobs that most people can only dream about. They’re the ones that are living the dream! While most of us are stuck behind a computer, these people are out there having the time of their life. Wondering how? Read on!

Believe it or not, there are people in the world doing things you couldn’t even imagine could be done for money — riding bikes around the world, shopping for a living and tasting chocolates. Jealous already? Take a look 7 jobs around the world that sound too good to be true:

Beer Taster

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “How amazing would it be if I get paid to drink beer…”? Ahh! Many times. Well, that dream can turn into reality! Many breweries hire professional beer tasters to make sure their drinks are nothing but the best. Game?

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Chocolate Consultant

All your Charlie And The Chocolate Factory dreams are about to come true! Major chocolate brands are always on the lookout for consultants who can taste their new products and identify any shortcomings.

Travel Intern

Many travel and photography magazines give young students the opportunity to travel the world and write about it for them. While you need to fill out forms and tests to qualify, you stand a good chance if you’re verbose and curious!

Video Game Tester

Before you whip your PS out, lemme tell you, you need to understand the finer things about gaming before you become a video game tester. Graphics, story-line, gameplay et al. Major players in the gaming industry like ‘World Of Warcraft’ hire testers and if you’re a hardcore gamer, you need to give it a try!

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Bike Rider Photographer for Google

Where do you think all those Google Earth images are coming from? It’s a bunch of people riding around the country on bicycles whilst capturing the streets in their camera. AND they’re getting paid to travel. Isn’t that cool?

Hotel Reviewer

A lot of magazines pay bloggers good money to stay in hotels (everything from 7 stars to hostels) and review their experiences. If you’ve got that wanderlust bug and are good with words, give it a try!

Secret Shopper

Companies hire you to go to specific outlets, shop and give them your reviews. The perks? You get to keep everything you buy! Even though you can’t take this up as a full-time gig, this could be the perfect job for the weekends!

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