7 words that you should use to describe yourself during a job interview

Are you preparing for your big interview tomorrow? Are you nervous? Here is a list of words that you should ALWAYS use in a job interview

No matter how old you get and no matter how many jobs you switch, interviews will always be a source of anxiousness for those on the other side of the table. From wearing the right attire to using the correct words while having a tete-a-tete with the potential employer, job interviews can be a tough nut to crack.

During an interview, it is important that certain words like ‘actually’, ‘hate’ and ‘stuff’ be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, using other certain words can leave a lasting impact in the minds of your potential employer. While having a sound technical knowledge of your field is important, it is essential that you project yourself well.

So, here’s a list of words that you should use in a job interview to leave a lasting impact on your interviewer:

1) Responsibility
Managers love employees who take responsibility not just for their actions but also for getting a specific task done. Stating that you took a responsibility and achieved set targets show that you are dedicated and reliable.

2) Result
Results are the bottom line of any job profile be it in IT industry or media. And managers love employees who can get the work done. Talking about your results helps in creating a positive image in the mind of your potential employer while reinforcing faith in your abilities.

3) Initiative
Responsibility is something that is given to you, whereas initiative is something you volunteer for. Talking about the initiatives that you took proves that you are self-motivated and enthusiastic to work.

4) Example
The best way to reinforce faith in everything that you have written in your CV is by citing an example for every quality that you have mentioned. When asked about your strength during an interview, state your strength with an example to prove the same.

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5) Next
Let’s say that you have managed to impress your potential employer and he/she is dying to hire you. The next logical question to ask would be ‘what’s the next step after this?’. This would indicate that you are interested in the job and excited for the same.

6) Colleagues/mentor
No manager would ever want to hire an employee with ‘diva complex’ or the one who is not a team player. Crediting your mentor and your colleagues helps in creating an amicable image in the mind of your potential employer.

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7) Company’s name
It’s always a good idea to do a thorough research about the company you are applying in. You want your potential employer to feel that you are not only interested in your job but also in the company.

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