7 words you should never use in a job interview

Are you preparing for your big interview tomorrow? Are you nervous? Here is a list of words that you should never use in a job interview

No matter how adept we are, for most of us, job interviews are synonymous with anxiety and stress. It is the time when we have a tete-a-tete with our potential employer in hopes of landing our dream jobs (or something close enough). It’s a time when our potential employer judges us to see if we are a perfect fit for their organisation. Naturally, the process is a meticulous one and involves the interviewer evaluating everything that we say during the interview or have written on our CVs.

While our CVs help in creating an initial image, what we say and how we conduct ourselves during the interview helps in determining if we ever make it to the finish line. Apart from the technical knowledge of our subject, it’s important that we use the right words to reaffirm the image that we have created using our CVs.

So here’s a list of seven words that you should never use in an interview:

1. Hate: No one likes a person with strong negative emotions. During an interview, your employer wants to know about your positive aspect or how tactful you are in tricky situations. Try using a more positive emotion instead of using the word ‘hate’.

2. Basically/ Actually: It’s one of the overused word fillers. The word signifies ambiguity and speculation and it creates a negative impact in the mind of your potential employer. It also signifies that you didn’t think through your sentences.

3. Sure: In today’s world ‘sure’ is used to communicate ‘an almost yes’. Using ‘sure’ in a conversation with the potential employer decreases your credibility as it conveys your inability to provide a firm answer.

4. Stuff: It’s the word of the millennials. We use to convey everything, be it a food item on a showpiece or emotion. But using ‘stuff’ in an interview will help you earn negative points as it denotes a casual attitude or inadequacy to give a firm answer.

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5. Dedicated/ Hardworking: It is one of the overused words in the job market. In today’s world, everyone is dedicated and hard working. Tip: Instead of using the word try citing an example that proves your quality.

6. Fired: It’s one of the troublemaker words that will destroy any positive points that you have earned and it will amplify the negative ones. Instead of using ‘fired’, give your sentence a positive spin and use ‘let go’.

7. Filler word: Words like ‘um’ and ‘uh’ are some of the most commonly used words in any conversation. However, using these words in an interview can leave a negative impact on the interviewer as they signify lack of substance to talk about. Take your time to answer any question instead of using the filler words.

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