Ice-cream, rice and 5 other food items that trigger mood swings

Trigger warning: This listicle might make you angry

When it comes to taking care of mental health, it is not just limited to sound sleep and taking a well-deserved break. It depends on your diet as well. According to researchers, healthy diet leads to happy life and cures depression. But do you know what are the food items you must not eat to stay calm in life? Well, the list includes your favourite ice-cream too.

1. Ice-creams
Food items like cakes, pastries, ice-cream and donuts have high sugar and trans-fat which escalate sugar levels and cause a headache and fatigue. However, eating dark chocolate might help.

ice cream cone

ice cream cone (Photo: Dreamstime)


2. Caffeinated Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks)
Several studies have proved that caffeinated drinks disturb the sleeping patterns which alter mood. Regular consumption may also cause agitation and nervousness.

coffee, food

Coffee date (Photo: Dreamstime)


3. Rice
According to scientists, consumption of carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels. And a person consuming refined carbohydrates is more likely to feel sad as it triggers a hormonal response that affects the glycemic index.


Rice (Photo: Dreamstime)


4. Alcohol
When feeling sad, people usually reach for alcohol. But researchers say that alcohol consumption slows down the central nervous system which controls understanding and thinking. This makes depression and sadness worse.

beer, delhi, food

Beer (Photo: Dreamstime)


5. Artificial sweeteners
Drinking diet soda never helps. Food items with artificial sweeteners contain aspartame that blocks the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin and causes mood swings, headaches, and insomnia.

Cold Brew Coffee Dutch Cold Beuryu Dutch Coffee


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6. White bread
According to a research by James Gangwisch and colleagues in the department of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Centre (CUMC), foods with rich refined carbohydrates lead to an increased mood change and fatigue in postmenopausal women.

Bread-Omelette (Photo: Dreamstime)


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7. Oily food
Fries taste great but the process of making them adversely affects you. Omega-6 fatty acids block the omega-3 fatty acids which boost your mood and help your brain to function normally.

Sweet Potato Fries

Potato Fries (Photo: Dreamstime)