7 types of Indian street food you can eat without worrying about calories

Happy munching!

We often consider street food unhealthy, but we also crave them as evening sets in. It’s tough to resist temptation when you see hot and spicy food on street. But street food can be healthy too. The trick is to eat food that’s fresh made.

Sweet Potato Chaat

sweet potato

Sweet Potato (Photo: Dreamstime)

You can find stalls of Sweet Potato Chaat at every street corner, especially in winters. It is not only delicious but also loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, manganese, potassium and iron. It is perfect for people trying to lose weight.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob (Photo: Dreamstime)

One of the best Indian snacks is bhutta. It is low in calories and fat and is full of carotenoids. A very rich source of anti-oxidants, bhutta is great for the digestive tract. You can steam or grill them.



Dhokla (Photo: Dreamstime)

Made of gram flour, this Gujarati snack is steamed. Dhokla is good for a diabetic patient as it is low in glycemic index. Moreover, the fermentation of gram enhances its nutritive value.


kebab trail

kebab trail (Photo: Dreamstime)

The love for kebab can’t be compared to anything in the world. Chicken and fish kebabs are low in calories and are the perfect snack. You can enjoy them in evening or even as the starters for dinner.



Dosa (Photo: Dreamstime)

Whether it is Saada dosa, Masala dosa or Mysore dosa, this is the healthiest dish ever. Made from urad dal and rice, it is a perfect breakfast, lunch, evening or dinner meal. It’s quite light and doesn’t contain calories. Even you add paneer, spinach to the dosa it will come to 37 calories.

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Jhal Moori

Jhal Muri

Jhal Moori (Photo: Dreamstime)

If you are looking something to munch, keep some jhal moori handy. This light snack can be made in minutes and is easily digestible. You can add spices, vegetables, peanuts and boiled potatoes to make it more filling.

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Idli (Photo: Dreamstime)

These small rice cakes are a perfect healthy snack. This is filling as well as delicious. A piece of idli just contains 39 calories. But make sure you eat it with sambar and not high fat coconut chutney.