Eggs-bacon and 6 other food combinations that are dangerous to your health

We are all guilty of eating food combinations that are incredibly unhealthy, sometimes without even being aware of it.

Love burger and fries? We hope to god that you’re aware just how harmful the combination of these two items can be. We are all guilty of eating food combinations that are incredibly unhealthy, sometimes without even being aware of it.

Here are a few food combinations that we have been eating since forever but should totally avoid:

1. Eggs and Bacon
Eggs and bacon taste really good. No? But not a great idea to mix the two. You ask why? Eggs are a good source of protein and bacon has fat that gives an instant energy boost. So, when we eat these two together or back-to-back, it becomes difficult to digest plus the heavy meal is likely to make you lethargic.

Bacon and egg

Bacon and egg (Photo: Dreamstime)

2. Burger and Fries

We never think twice before ordering burger and fries. Right? Both of these food items have trans fats and when we eat these two together, they lower our blood sugar level. And obviously, we end up feeling tired and sleepy.

Burger and Fries

Burger and Fries (Photo: Dreamstime)

3. Cereal and Juice
Not a great combination, so if you are taking cereal and juice together, stop. Individually, the two are supposed to be a source of energy but when taken at the same time, they cut out each other’s good properties. The combination will leave you with discomfort, causing heaviness.

cereal and juice

Cereal and Juice (Photo: Dreamstime)


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4. Pizza and Soda
Planning to order one? This is something that we feel is just too perfect to avoid, but think again. Pizza contains carbs, proteins and starch that take a lot of your body’s energy for digestion. And when mixed with soda sugar, it slows the digestion process down.

Pizza and Soda

Pizza and Soda (Photo: Dreamstime)

5. Milk and Bananas

This is one of the most common food combinations but a terrible one at that. The combination leaves you sluggish, and tends to make one drowsy.

Milk and Banana

Milk and Banana (Photo: Dreamstime)


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6. Yogurt with Fruit

Yogurt and fruits. Sound delicious, right? But mixing the two is not exactly a healthy option. So, when protein-rich yogurt is mixed with acidic fruit, it reduces digestive fibers and produces toxins.

yogurt and fruits

Yogurt and Fruits (Photo: Dreamstime)

7. Cheese and Beans

One of the popular combinations in Mexican cuisine happens to be cheese, beans, hot sauce and guacamole. But the combination will only end up make you feel bloated.

cheese and beans

Cheese and Beans (Photo: Dreamstime)