Tandoori momos to Motichur donuts: Fusion food trends we don't want to see in 2018

The desi-videshi food mash-up sometimes fails miserably. Check out some examples here

It is a truth universally accepted that food makes everything better. Unless the said food is terrible. And speaking of terrible, have you been keeping up with the fusion food trends of 2017? Of all the abominations done in the name of food, these are the ones we hope we do not have to see in 2018:

Tandoori Momos: Momos are soft dumplings guys. Put it in the tandoor and from food, it turns into a weapon.

Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos (Photo: wikimedia)


Naanza: Who thought this was a great idea? Seriously. Just look at it.


Naanza (Photo: realfood)

Noodle Samosa: Repeat after us, samosa works best with an aloo or mattar filling. Noodles have no business being in samosas. 

noodle samosa

noodle samosa (Photo: Wikimedia)

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake: TBH, cheesecake and gulab jamun mixed together taste like heart disease on a platter.

Butter Chicken Pasta: NO. JUST NO.

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Pizza Dosa: Dosa is a crisp pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses but then you add pizza toppings to it. How will you pick it up? How will you eat it?

Motichur Donuts: When you mix motichur and donuts, it becomes sweeter. Motichur contains a lot of sugar and so the donut. Would you be able to eat after one bite?

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