Chocki to Big Babol: 10 food items that will definitely make you nostalgic

Who knew one day we'd thank our stars to have grown up in the era of the gum-ruining Boomer and Big Babol

In a world ruled by air-filled potato chips and the lone Pulse toffee, this list is guaranteed to make you hangry. Our childhood may not have been blessed by pizzas, but it certainly had plenty of amazing sweetmeats to choose from.

Just to satiate your daily serving of nostalgia, here’s a look back at some food items that deserve a place in a museum:

1. When only chocolate spread we knew was, Chocki

2. Remember the power of Big Babol?

3. Blue Pepsi was the ‘accessory’ all cool kids carried around 

4. Miss adventures in Dairy Milk Land and the Disney gang! Wowie was best.

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5. Not every snack is salty! Remember, Bytes?

6. And the time when we use to mix vanilla ice-cream and coke and later we got Vanilla Coke

7. Center Shock — Hila ke rakh de!

8. Boom Boom Boomer…!

9. I still love you, Rasna

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10. Nobody ever asked not to have Phantom sweet cigarettes