10 delicious Indian street food items from different states that will make you drool

Nothing unites people like sports or food. And the latter definitely has more takers. Here's a peek at regional street food you might want to try

Nothing unites people like sports or food. And the latter definitely has more takers. From main courses to sizzling desserts to mouth-watering street food, thanks to its religious, regional and cultural diversification, India has plenty of options.

Ready to drool? Here goes:

1) Andhra Pradesh: Punugulu
Made with idly batter, Punugulu is a deep fried snack which is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. The dish is made using onions, coriander, yogurt mixed in the batter. These crunchy fritters taste best with variety of chutneys.

2) Arunachal Pradesh: Thukpa 
Thukpa is a noodle soup. Made using vegetables/meat with noodles, it is a bit spicy and a perfect supper to beat the cold weather.

3) Assam: Laksa
The most popular street food of Assam is laksa. It is a spicy noodle soup that consists of laksa noodles cooked in a tamarind-based fish paste.

4) Chhattisgarh: Faraa
Faraa is the steamed dumplings made of rice. It is served with spicy green chutney.

5) Himachal Pradesh: Sidu 
A yeast-induced soft bread made of wheat flour, Sidu is eaten with desi ghee, dal or meat curry.

6) Jammu and Kashmir: Kalari Kulcha
It is cooked with bread topped with onions, tomatoes and Kalari cheese. This cheese is only found in J&K.

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7) Karnataka: Banana Buns 
Besides idlis, dosas and uttapam, banana buns are also popular in Karnataka. Banana buns are made out of mashed banana mixture and flour.

8) Manipur: Kelli Chana
Made with chickpeas, Kelli Chana is one of the most popular street food of Manipur. There is another version which is made from the spicy yellow peas and served on a lotus leaf, which enhances the taste of the dish.

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9) Nagaland: Kinalas 
This popular noodle soup is made from beef/pork head and is topped with a brown sauce.

10) Rajasthan: Pyaaz Kachoris
The crispy and flaky kachoris stuffed with onion filling is a must when in Rajasthan. It is served with a tangy tamarind chutney.