7 messy food items that are pretty difficult to stay away from

Not every food requires cutlery.

Not every food requires cutlery. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a dish is to eat it with your hands and if the food’s good, then polishing off the plate isn’t enough, you’ve got to lick off your fingers too. So, here we got you some really scrumptious, mouth-watering, and delicious food items that are messy but very difficult to stay away from.

1. Barf ka Gola

Eating this frozen delight is pretty difficult but you shouldn’t even care. Ice might melt while you are busy with sweet and tangy flavours of gola. Always remember, you just can’t eat it without making a mess.

2. Nutella

Are you really going to eat Nutella with a spoon? What’s the point of eating it then? You can’t eat Nutella without licking it from your fingers or knife. And how are you going to finish that last bit remaining in the jar with a spoon? Try fingers.

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3. Pizza

If you eat pizza without making a mess, you’re eating it wrong.

4. Cream Roll

We bet you can’t eat a cream roll without cream on your face and pieces of the buttery crust of the roll on your clothes.

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5. Patty

This flaky puff is very difficult to eat without leaving crumbles around.

6. Burger

There is literally no polite way of eating a cheesy burger.

7. Cotton Candy

You really wanted to eat cotton candy without letting it stick to your fingers or teeth? Sorry. That’s just not possible.