How to make Kerala's 'favourite' breakfast food, egg roast, at home

Do you know that Kerala cuisine has a huge foreign influence? Know more about the cuisine and learn how to cook Egg Roast

In the last few years, India’s gastronomy scene has expanded in a way never seen before. International cuisine to regional food from our own backyards, restaurant menus in Delhi look more varied and inclusive than they did five years ago. However, when we talk about the authentic traditional fare, these are not restaurants one would visit.

People in the city have discovered the joys of home-chef, and there’s no going back from here. While we were on the hunt for traditional Kerala food, we came across, Prima Kurien.

Kerala cuisine is the result of the amalgamation of many different religions and nationalities. Be it Muslims or Syrian Christians, Kerala’s claim to fame isn’t just its gorgeous landscape, but also its rich culinary history. Each sub-region has its own cuisine and style of preparation. But the one thing that’s common, is the use of a generous amount of coconut.

Hailing from the Syrian Christian community of Kerala, Prima specialises in finger-licking Malayali fare. The food she prepares is rich in coconut, tapioca and spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

Citing her grandmother as her inspiration, she started Prima Kurien’s Traditional Kerala Cuisine back in 2005. The home-chef is using pop-up shops, limited edition festivals and special menus to bring traditional cooking and flavours back into ‘trend’.

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“If your preparation is done, cooking gets easier,” she told right before she taught us how to make her famous Kerala Egg Roast. Check out the recipe here:

Boiled eggs
Coconut oil
Black mustard seeds
Warm water paste

  • Sauf and Khus Khus
  • Dhania Powder
  • Turmeric
  • Red Chilli
  • Warm water

Brown sugar (To caramelize onion faster)
Garlic Paste
Curry leaves

  • Cloves
  • Green cardamom

1. Fry black mustard seed in oil
2. Fry the onions till they turn light brown
3. Toss in a few curry leaves
4. Add some brown sugar to caramalise onion faster
5. Add warm water paste
6. Add pounded masala
7. Add tomatoes till the skin starts coming away
8. Add the boiled eggs

You can serve the dish with rotis, appams, or parathas.
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