Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100 in Noida: Ice Cream Roll

We'll bring some tasty delights from Noida every week and highlight one food item we tried under Rs 100. This week's special: Ice Cream Rolls

When it comes to food, WEIRD is a five-letter word that sounds like music to a food lover’s ears. Give us any crazy combination of food items (even french fries and vanilla ice cream will do) and we will be glad to taste it for you and help you decide if it is worth taking the risk or not.

While the thumb rule says that you can never go wrong with your favourite scoop(s) of ice-cream, the mind of a foodie is always looking for more. Something out of the ordinary. Something that will make our hearts skip a beat and tantalize your senses. So, for the fourth edition of ‘Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100‘, we will take you on a trip to have the best dish in under Rs 100 – Ice cream rolls.

How I got there: One dessert that we have been relishing since our childhood is our beloved ice-cream. From peppy rainbow swirls to rusty dark chocolate, ice creams have been an inherent part of our growing up years. While I love the dessert in its native creamy form, as a food lover I wanted more, something out of the box. And so my quest for a different version of this classic dessert took me to a place that has been at the centre of my street food explorations in Noida– Bhramaputra Market in Noida’s Sector 29.

ice cream rolls, food

Ice Cream rolls menu (Photo: Shabnoor Irshad)

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About the place: It’s not a big bakery nor does it have an elaborate menu. Just a tiny stall in the market that generates curiosity among the onlookers. The place also has a flashy electric signboard on the top of its stall (in case you get lost in the sea of food stalls).

ice cream rolls, food

Ice Cream Rolls Noida (Photo: Shabnoor Irshad)

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What I ate: As I mentioned earlier, the tiny stall has only one thing on the menu– Ice cream rolls. But the catch is that these rolls are available in a variety of flavours including– Nawabi Paan, Gulab Jamun and Peanut Butter. And if you are a fruitarian, there’s something for you as well– Strawberry, Banana, and Mango. However, I tried the ‘Rose Love’ flavour, which tasted like Christmas. It was soft, it was sweet, and it had sprinkles on it. To put it simply, it tasted as good as it looked.

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Name: Love Frost– The Place of the Ice Rolls
Price: Rs 70
Address: Bhramaputra Market, Sector 29, Noida
Timing: 5 pm to 10 pm

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