Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100 in Noida: Chatpati Aloo Chaat

We will bring some yummy delights from the corner of the city every week and highlight one food item we tried under Rs 100. Here we go

India is a land of diversities. It’s a country where every day is a festival and every city has a different taste. It’s the land where the North Indian ‘Bun Tikki’ becomes ‘Vada Pav’ in the West. It’s a place where even the sweet and simple ‘Saag’ is cooked in a million different ways with a variety of flavours (can’t wait to go home now!).

From Thai to Spanish, from French to Afghani, from Sri Lankan to Mexican, Delhi has it all. To give you a fair warning, we, at InUth, love to explore. We will bring some yummy delights from the corner of the city every week and highlight one food item we tried under Rs 100.

For the very first edition — it’s everybody’s favourite Aloo Chaat.

How I get there: I was on my way back home when I had a sudden craving for having Aloo Tikki. As I began exploring my options, I remembered this old food joint that I have been visiting ever since I shifted to Noida.

street food in Noida

Noida Chat Wala (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

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About the place: These guys have no name, no brand, and no fixed shop and yet they make the most amazing Aloo Chat and Gol Gappas that I have tasted in years. They have been satisfying the appetite of hungry food lovers for years being at the same place. I first visited this place almost three years back and I must admit that they successfully restored my faith in good Gol Gappas (something that’s rare to come by these days).

Noida Street Food

Noida Street Food (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

What I ate: A plate of Gol Gappas with khatti-meethi chutney and a plate 0f Papdi Chat later (I can see someone drooling over them), my craving was satisfied and my mood was jolly good!

street food in noida

Dahi Papdi (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

Even after having all these mouth watering dishes, I had an itch and I got a plate of Aloo Chaat packed for my potential mid-night craving. Wanna know how it turned out? Take a peek:

food joints, noida

Aloo Tikki (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

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Well, if you too want to enjoy these snacks, here are the details:

Name: Just ask for Sector 44 ka chaat waala
Price: Rs 25 (one plate of Gol Gappas), Rs 30 for each plate of Aloo Chaat and Dahi Papdi
Address: A Block Market, Sector 44, Noida
Timing: 5 PM to 9:30 PM


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