Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100 in Noida: Faluda Kulfi

We will bring some yummy delights from the corner of the city every week and highlight one food item we tried under Rs 100. This week's special-- FALUDA KULFI

Ask any food lover to name one thing that completes a meal and their answer would be– dessert! When it comes to India, our platter is full of mouth-watering desserts that will make any one forget the scrumptious dishes that they have before. From Gulab Jamun and Kalakand to Jalebi and Ras Malai ( mouth is watering, already), these savoury delights are too good to ignore.

But nothing compares to the sheer joy of eating a plate full of kulfi. And so, for the second edition of series ‘Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100‘, we will take you on a trip to have the best dessert in under Rs 100 – Faluda Kulfi.

Faluda Kulfi, noida, food

Faluda Kulfi in Noida (Photo: Shweta)

How I get there: I have always had a sweet tooth and I’ve never been afraid to try out the new and weird combinations. And believe me when I say that being experimentative in terms of food comes with certain perks. For some having a plate of warm Gulab Jamuns with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream might seem bizarre but for me (and others like me) it the safest dessert combination to have in a wedding. But today my heart desired to have something more subtle and yet classy and so I went to this tiny shop in Noida’s Brahmaputra Market, that I have been visiting since a very long time.

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Faluda Kulfi, food, noida

Faluda Kulfi (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

About the place: It’s not any branded shop. Just a tiny stall next to another stall serving vegetarian rolls. But it sure is one of the best places that I would recommend for having kulfi. The menu too isn’t exactly lavish. Just four options to choose from. So, if you don’t want to have faluda kulfi, you can always go for rabdi faluda, which FYI tastes equally amazing.

What I ate: Since I was craving for faluda kulfi, I just went ahead and ordered a plate (which here is served in a plastic glass) of the lip-smacking delight. Every bite I was having was full of flavours and it reminded me why I love this dish so much.  Faluda kulfi has been my favourite since forever and I don’t like my dessert to be messed with. Unfortunately, not many places serve it right, except this one of course. Do give it try!

Well, if you too want to enjoy yummilicious dessert, here are the details:

Name: Baba Ji ki Kulfi
Price: Rs 50
Address: Bharmaputra Market, Sector 37, Noida
Timing: 4 pm to 11:15 pm


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