4 chocolate festivals every chocoholic must visit once in life

Chocolate festivals bring together its chocoholics to taste, savour and experience the best of varieties and brands.

Chocolate is a nature’s dessert and comes in various colours, aroma and taste. Its intriguing flavour offers a lot to explore, learn and experience. But here we are not discussing different types of chocolates; instead, we bring you the biggest chocolate festivals in 2018 from across the globe. Chocolate festivals bring together its lovers and enthusiasts to taste, savour and experience the best of varieties and brands. Take a look at these exciting chocolate fests across the world.

Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy

Euro chocolate

Eurochocolate (Photo: Eurochocolate Website)

First organised in 1993, Eurochocolate is one of the largest chocolate festivals in Europe. It attracts nearly a million visitors every year and is held in October. The event features chocolate tastings, chocolate sculpting, chocolate art and chocolate-themed musical and theater performances.

Salon Du Chocolat, Paris, France

Salon Du Chocolat

Salon Du Chocolat (Photo: Dreamstime)


Paris’ Salon Du Chocolat is an annual festival where pastry chefs, chocolatiers and confectioners come together under one roof to exhibit and demonstrate chocolate making techniques. You can be a part of workshops, conferences, live performances by cocoa-producing countries, among a host of activities. The festival was started in 1994 and usually takes place in the month of October.

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York Chocolate Festival, England

York Chocolate Festival, England

York Chocolate Festival, England (Photo: Dreamstime)

York Chocolate Festival dates back to 1781 when there were only eight confectioners in the city. The festival is hosted to celebrate its history. They host chocolate trails, chocolate making workshops and features unusual creations. It takes place thrice in a year with Chocolate Festival in March-April, Taster Festival in June and Main Festival in September.

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Chocolate Rush Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Chocolate Rush Festival

Chocolate Rush Festival (Photo: Dreamstime)

Started in 2007, Chocolate Rush Chocolate Festival is perfect for chocoholics as not only they get a huge variety to try but also lets you learn everything you always wanted to know. The festival is aimed to educate, indulge and challenge your palate. From a series of classes and seminars to chocolate and food pairing, the festival features everything.


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