3 must-have Tibetan dishes at Majnu Ka Tila

Planning on visiting Delhi's little Tibet? Check out the three must-have dishes at Majnu Ka Tila

Winding alleys, cool breeze, echoes of Dalai Lama’s recorded preaching, and graceful Tibetan ladies in traditional attire selling food, that’s Majnu Ka Tila for you. The place has earned the title of ‘Delhi’s Little Tibet’. On a sunny winter afternoon, to break the monotony of frequenting our usual eating spots and to satisfy the cravings of delicious Tibetian food, we decided to take a stroll down Majnu Ka Tila market. We went there with hopes of having Thukpa and momos apart from whatever else was on offer, but were sadly disappointed. The famous locality now offers three main dishes:

  1. Lhaphing/Laphing: Lhaphing, which literally means cold noodle, is considered a refreshing summer food. It is a perfect appetizer and is generally enjoyed with soup. Here’s how it is made:

    Lhaphing: Made from the mung bean and wheat flour, the mixture is cooked and left overnight

    For filling:
    Garlic extract
    Red chili paste

    Cost: Rs 40/plate

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  2. Mutton Shapale/shapaley: Giant fried meat-filled dumplings are called Shapale. They are served with fried potatoes and chili powder. People in Tibet usually eat them for breakfast, but they work well as lunch or dinner as well.


    Flour and water dough
    Mutton and onion keema
    They can be deep fried or shallow fried and you change the filling as per your taste.

    Cost: Rs 30/piece

  3. Butter Tea (Po Cha): Butter tea or Po Cha is made from yak butter, however, in Delhi they use normal butter. Traditionally, Po Cha is made in a wooden cylindrical churn called chandong, and is served in cups. Po cha acts an energiser for people living in warmer regions or high-altitude areas.


    Cost: Rs 20

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