How to make Wokoso Sungcho Rhuchii, a Naga pork dish in less than 15 minutes

Check out the video recipe of easiest Naga dish

Nagas are known for their generous nature, and delicious food. If you have ever been to Nagaland, you’ve obviously enjoyed their king size meals. Their love for bamboo shoot paste is well documented, and they use it in almost every dish to enhance the taste and flavour. Meals are considered incomplete without rice. They prefer steamed rice and pair it with both vegetarian and meat-laden dishes. Boiled vegetables, fiery hot chutney made of fermented fish or dried bamboo shoot are staples of a Naga dining table.

Sun-dried and smoked meat helps them preserve their source of protein throughout the year. Moreover, when meat is smoked or sun-dried, it lends a certain flavour to the dish. Herbs like ginger, garlic and chillies are used generously in the dishes.

Last week, we visit North East Flavours, in Delhi and head chef Lian showed us how to make Wokoso Sungcho Rhuchii or ‘Pork with Bamboo Shoot’.

Ingredients used:

  • Water
  • Boiled pork
  • Bamboo shoot paste
  • Red chilli paste
  • Chopped ginger and garlic
  • Naga dhaniya

The dish takes only 15 minutes to cook.

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