29 Photos of Indian Thalis That Are Bound To Leave You Drooling


You may think you understand how diverse regional cuisine is, but these photos will still leave you more than a little stunned. Every region in this country boasts of different dishes and all of them are equally scrumptious. To show India’s culinary treasure trove, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has put up a series of delectable dishes from different states of India.

1. Kerala

Kerala thalis are a perfect balanced meal. Food is cooked in coconut oil and the first thing served is sweet payasam.


kerala (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

2. Meghalaya

Meghalaya thali has sticky rice, spicy meat and fish preparations along with steamed foods like momos, vegetables, and pickled bamboo shoots.


Meghalaya (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

3. Goa

A rich Goan thali consists of seafood, rice, meat preparations, vindaloo, coconut milk, rice and banana Halwa along with some other food items.


Goa (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)


4. Sikkim

Sikkim thali is a mix of steamed and fried goodness. It includes Dal bhat (boiled rice and lentil soup), Thukpa – the noodle soup, momos, Phagshapa and more.


Sikkim (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

5. Arunachal Pradesh

The mouthwatering thali from Arunachal Pradesh comprises rice, meat preparations,  fermented products and a special tomato-red chilli chutney.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

6. Assam

A delicious Assamese thali has a meat dish, fish, fresh vegetables, aloo pitika, dal, and saag.




7. Manipur

Manipuri thali contains rice, fish, leafy vegetables, Tan Ngang (bread), Chahao Kheer, made with black rice and is seasoned with the spicy chili pepper.


Manipur (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

8. Bihar

From kebab, chicken masala to sattu parantha and chokha, Bihari thali has it all.


Bihar (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

9. Chattisgarh

Chattisgarh thali is loaded with rakhia badi, pethas, rice pakodas, bafauri, steamed rice, fara and other delicious dishes.


Chattisgarh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

10. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has hot and spicy lentils, vegetables, meetha bhaat and sidu.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

11. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu thali includes both spicy and sweet dishes. It has rasam, plain rice, curd, badam payasam, sambar, poriyal (curry) and koottu.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

12. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra thali comprises food which is packed with flavours. It has rasam, chutney, vada, rice and more.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

13. Gujarat

Methi na thepla, bhakhri, khatti mithi daal, aloo rasila, steamed rice, badshahi and khichdi, you will find loads of dishes in a Gujarati thali.


Gujarat (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

14. Haryana

Loaded with homemade white butter, kachri ki sabji, khichdi, bajra/besan chapatti and homemade buttermilk, Haryanvi thalis are quite extensive.


Haryana (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

15. Jammu and Kashmir

Rice dishes, meat preparations like rogan josh, yakhini, harissa make for a delicious Kashmiri thali.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

16. Jharkhand

Jharkhand thali has mouth-watering dishes including chhilka, dhuska, kurthi daal, red rice, lal saag, dehati chicken, sattu ka parantha and ghugni.

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Jharkhand (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

17. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh thali comprises poha, roghan josh, saboodana khichdi, achari gosht, among other dishes.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

18. Mizoram

Comprising steamed rice, bai made of steamed vegetables, koat pitha and misa mash poora, Mizoram thali looks and tastes delicious.


Mizoram (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

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19. Maharashtra

The typical Maharashtrian thali has aamras, kosimbir, bhakri roti, amti, mutton Kolhapuri, kheer and basundi.


Maharashtra (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

20. Odisha

The thali in Odisha has simple, less spicy and oily food. It has rice, fish, seafood, and yogurt.


Odisha (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

21. Karnataka

Karnataka thali comprises a healthy mix of rice, akki roti, dal, vegetables, rasam, sambar, vada, kosambari and rava kesari.


Karnataka (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

22. Punjab

Famous for its rich and buttery flavours, Punjabi thali has sarson ka saag, makke ki roti, tandoori roti peeli dal, rice and various meat dishes.


Punjab (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)


23. Rajasthan

Rajasthani thali is quite elaborated which includes dal baati churma, missi roti, gatte ki sabji, panchmela dal, laal maas, bajra roti, buttermilk and malpua.


Rajasthan (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

24. Tripura

From fried aubergines, Berma, to tomato chutney, lentils, rice, bamboo shoot and local fishes, Tripura has loads of varieties.


Tripura (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)


25. Uttar Pradesh

A thali in UP consists of both vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes. It has bharwan chicken pasanda, mutton kofta, aloo rasedaar, keema dum, naans and imarti.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

26. West Bengal

From fish, vegetables, potol bhaja, torkari, doi maach, kebabs, rice, lentils, chor chori and sandesh complete a Bengali thali.

West Bengal

West Bengal (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

27. Uttarakhand

Aaloo Daal Pakora, til ki chutney, gahat ka shorba, kappa, phanu, jholi and meetha bhaat make a delicious thali.


Uttarakhand (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

28. Telangana

A delicious Telangana thali has vegetarian dishes like bachali kura, pachi pulusu and non-veg dishes including chicken and mutton curries.


Telangana (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

29. Nagaland

The Naga thali has vegetables, chillies, and variety of meat and fish preparations.


Nagaland (Photo: Indian Diplomacy)

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