Deepika Padukone Macaroons To KFC's Lip Balm: 5 Times When Food And Fashion Came On The Same Platter

KFC lip balm, anyone?

When in 2015 Burger King launched its perfume, it was highly unappreciated. People made fun of it but eventually, it became an excellent marketing strategy. A few days back, KFC launched its lip balms and once again, people made fun of it. Well, everybody is talking about it now. Looks like food brands are not just limited to making people love their dishes. They want customers to stay and so they just took their marketing strategy to another level. And believe us, they are doing awesome.

1. KFC’s Lip Balm

Last month, KFC launched lip balm. Ya we know that’s strange. Afterall why a chicken outlet will bring out something like lip balm? Named as Double Trouble, these balms come in a combination of two flavours — Yellow American Mustard and Red Sweet Chilli and are made with vegetable oil. Isn’t something everybody will try at least once? Well, at least now people are talking about it!

2. Magnum and chef Pooja Dhingra Association

Magnum and chef Pooja Dhingra have joined hands to launch masterpiece ice cream. Inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s Ralph & Russo creation at the Cannes Film Festival last year, she has come up with the limited-edition Magnum ice cream which is named as Cannes Cascade. This is not the first time Magnum and chef Pooja Dhingra had a tie-up to make something as unusual. Earlier they had Lisa’s Starry Galaxy Magnum and Neha’s Floral Favourite Magnum as well.

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3. Prosecco-Flavored Nail Polish

Last year, Prosecco (an Italian white wine brand) launched an edible wine-flavoured nail polish. It was made using real Prosecco, which even tasted and smelled exactly like our favorite tipple. The product was just available for 2 months.  In case, if you get in the market now, make sure you don’t drink the polish straight from the bottle.

4. Burger King’s fragrance

In 2008, when Burger King launched its Flame-Grilled Whopper Fragrance. The marketing strategy was initially not appreciated but later it turned out to be quite a hit. It had a hint of flame-broiled meat.

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5. Deepika Padukone’s Marchesa gown inspired macarons

In 2017, Pooja Dhingra, pastry chef and the owner of Le 15 Patisserie, made the Deepika Padukone’s Marchesa gown inspired macarons with red wine infused dark chocolate. These were the limited edition available only at her bakery. They were an instant hit and went viral.

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