10 mouth-watering regional egg dishes that you can easily cook at home

As the weather is cooling down, we figured this is the best time to bring you a smorgasbord of brilliant eggy recipes. Check out here

Eggs are not just comfort food but also one of the cheapest and easiest sources of protein. This powerhouse of nutrition contains 18 vitamins and minerals, and even the laziest cooks can survive on it.

So, as the weather is cooling down, we figured this is the best time to bring you several delectable egg recipes from the different corners of India.

1. West Bengal: Dimer Paturi
One of the most popular West Bengal dishes, mustard is a must to prepare Dimer Paturi. The dish needs boiled eggs, thick-flavourful paste and banana leaf. It tastes best with rice and rotis.

2. Andhra: Kodi Guddu Gasagasala Kura
Kodi Guddu Gasagasala Kura is the perfect Andhra snack that requires fried eggs and poppy seed paste. The sweet-subtle taste of poppy seeds perfectly mixes up with hot spices and eggs. Serve the piping hot dish with appams or rotis.

3. Awadh: Nargisi Kofta
This Awadh recipe is not only easy to cook but is quite rich too. Hard-boiled eggs are cooked with scrumptious keema in gravy. Serve the hot dish with roomali roti or ulte tawe ka paratha.

4. Tamil Nadu: Egg Dosa
You must have tried different types of dosas. This one is for dosa lovers who also like eggs. Easy-to-make dish just needs 5 minutes to be served on your plate.

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5. Andhra: Egg Bonda
Egg Bonda or popularly known as egg pakora is perfect Andhra snacks. Prepared with bread crumbs, gram flour and chaat masala, egg bonda tastes great with tangy tomato chutney.

6. Awadh: Baida Roti
In Awadhi version of parathas, there is no regular stuffing, instead, they use eggs. Baida roti is commonly known as egg parathas. In this version, maida paratha is stuffed with juicy minced keema and scrambled eggs. They taste best with tamarind chutney.

7. Kerala: Egg Roast
The South Indian version of egg curry is quite easy to make. The dish requires shallow fried eggs simmered in tangy tomato and onion puree. The gravy of the dish will keep you salivating.

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8. Parsi: Akuri
This popular Parsi breakfast is the sort of indulgence you need on a rainy day. The scrambled egg is cooked with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and other ingredients along with some masalas. Relish it with toast and butter.

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9. Maharashtra: Egg Bajji
Usually, we first cook a dish and then eat it with chutney, but in this egg is first dipped in chutney and is then fried. It is a perfect snack to have in afternoon with chai.

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10. Parsi: Sali Par Eedu
This is the best way to jazz up your everyday eggs. The dish requires a little more time to be cooked. It is traditional breakfast recipe made with eggs on fried potato straws and goes best with pav and chai.

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