Cloud Eggs: How to make this new breakfast trend people are talking about -- Watch

Cloud Eggs have become an Instagram favourite and people are sharing the pictures with a hashtag of the same name. Check out the recipe here

Just when I thought that I have tried it all, from fried and scrambled to boiled and poached, I saw the fluffy pillows made of egg white and a golden yolk nestled inside. Yes, it looked delicious and it is called Cloud Eggs. So, it is internet’s new favourite breakfast choice and of course, they are using eggs, which makes it must try at least for me. So, it’s time to make way for this new recipe made out of eggs and say bye to fried, scrambled and poached for some time.

Cloud Eggs have become an Instagram favourite where people are trying the recipe and sharing the pictures with hashtag of the same name. Also, cloud egg tutorial videos are surfacing on YouTube for last four, it has suddenly became a hot favourite for egg lovers. There is no one way to make the dish. While some like their yolks bake thoroughly, others add yolks later. A few adds spices on the top, some just pair it up with sausages. We are sure, you are going crave for it while watching these pictures and videos.

How to make it

Good times

Pair them

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Add Spices

Aren’t you craving

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Delicious, isn’t it?

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Cloud egg cooked in a bagel