Bizarre beauty trends take a new, ugly turn with hairy nail manicure!

How about an ultimate selfie manicure so that you can stare at yourself all day, every day? Check out the mind bending and creepy nail art

Trends come and go. Some take the world by storm for all the good reasons but in this case, it is the other way around. After squiggle eyebrows and lips trend, we now have a new winner in the section of bad beauty experiments that everyone should strictly stay away from. Visual illusion artist, Dain Yoon came up with new kind of nail art called a self-nail art. What is a self-nail art? It is everything that can make you feel dizzy in your head.

Dain Yoon recreated her own face on each of her fingernails. It was done to perfection to such an extent that it actually looks like her! That’s not all. She took it to a whole new level by giving her nail faces same hair like that of her. Perfectly drawn eyes, nose, lips and jet black hair. What’s more? She made it even more interesting by giving each of the faces a different expression. Now imagine looking at your hand and seeing five mini-faces that look like you staring back. Oh, and not to forget hair dangling in your nails! Taking it a bit too far, don’t you think? Sharing the pictures of her new art on Twitter, she joked that her twitter followers have urged her to take down the picture for the plain reason that it might be the whacky-trend-lovers new favourite.

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Creepy, right? But hold on because this is just the beginning. Dain Yoon is a makeup artist who belongs to South Korea and unlike others, she creates visual illusions using makeup and watercolours. She creates amazing illusions drawing on lips, eyes, hands, etc and often blends her real self into her illusions. It is done with so much precision that it is difficult to believe that it is not photoshopped. She is undoubtedly talented but we must admit that the new nail art kind of freaked us out. Check out some of her best mind boggling art.

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