No makeup look and other idiotic beauty trends that need to die ASAP!

From weird face masks and nail arts to a hi-dose of makeup, here's a list of few horrendous makeup trends which need to die with immediate effect

The internet is one crazy place and most of us are a part of this mad world of fakery. No, I am not saying that social media and its apps are all about showing the not-so-real us, but somewhere we all know that there is some truth to it. From Facebook, Twitter to Snapchat and Instagram, our life revolves around these apps. Well, enough of the gyaan, let’s come to the main point. While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I recently noticed that there are a lot of fashion and makeup trends that girls are going gaga about and to my surprise, some of them are simply bizarre. From weird face masks and nail arts to a hi-dose of makeup, I bet nobody can carry such dramatic looks on a daily basis. Here’s a list of few horrendous trends which need to die with immediate effect:

No Makeup Look

There are just two things, whether you apply makeup or you don’t apply makeup and this so-called ‘no makeup look’ is the most stupid trend I have ever heard of. A little highlighter and matching skin tone shades, that is all you need for the look with almost 1 hour in hand.

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Well, it takes skills to fool people with the illusion of a natural glowy face. Right? And how can we forget the best and most used caption for such natural pictures, #wokeuplikethis

Glitter Lips

From 3D embellishments like sequins, beads, and pearls to loose glitter powder, this latest lip trend is just blah. I mean how will you eat or drink with all that thing on your lips.

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Not happening girl!

Over-The-Top Highlighting

From cheekbones and collarbones to tip of your nose and cupid’s bow, highlight it all for a natural glow, as if the brush strokes are not visible. And this recent full face highlight challenge made my eyes pop out.

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I mean why would anyone want to use a highlighter to cover the whole face just to look like a shiny and scary creature!

Reverse Lashes

This is another weird trend which makes you look less human and more like a scary doll. The process requires a lot of patience, as you glue each set of eyelash individually.

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So, if you know a girl who is a pro at it, marry her!

Mermaid and Unicorn Makeup

Last, but not the least, this alien looking makeup trend started last year and refuses to die. And for girls who think that this rainbow kind of makeup and hair makes you look like an angel, I am sorry to say but please don’t go near kids with all that colour.

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It’s not safe, you know!