7 weird beauty trends that ruled the world in 2016

Is not fashion supposed to make people look good, unique and different? We all spend a lot of time in deciding what to wear and how to dress ourselves up for various events. After all, we want to look our best. And as we know that fashion trends change very frequently, we love to try new things. We love to keep ourselves updated with those changes in trends. What if your uniqueness is turned to strange, funny and weird? 2016 has been a year of a number of strange fashion trends. Like every year we saw huge fashion tips and styles taking over the social media – some were cool enough to adopt and others were ridiculous. Armpit hair dye, furry nails, rainbow hair – are not these very stupid to follow? 2016 is now coming to an end and here we are with a list of 7 craziest beauty trends of the year that will make you think how stupid these trends are!

Lipdick: Penis shaped lipsticks

I am still amazed at the imagination of the person who came up with such an idea. What is your reaction after reading this? Have you ever thought of a penis shaped lipstick? Nope? This was something 2016 provided us with, a lipstick in shape of a penis (it has veins too). Interesting…huh?

Penis shaped eye-liner design

Oh wow! After penis shaped lipsticks here we are with these penis shaped eye-liner designs. Females are drawing a penis on the outer rim of their eyes and testicles on the inner corners. Haven’t you tried it yet? Please don’t. Where people were considering this as an ‘art’, I found it to be very stupid.

Rainbow hair

I must admit, people are far more creative than I really think them to be. Ever imagined your hair painted with bright rainbow colours? Here is such trend. It is called as hidden rainbow design because you cannot see it until hair is up. So, are you fond of colors? Try this.

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Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hidden Rainbow Hair

All Glitter make-up

This is horrible! From your eyebrows to cheeks to even lips and beard, glitter applied all over your face. It is done to ‘sparkle your look’. WTH! This became very famous for the Halloween parties.

Some looks are great, yet they don’t make it to the runway. Hard work and passion are hardly futile! Glitter love continues to takeover global fashion. Todays woman is fearless, bold, knows what she wants and how to Make It Happen. Shes empowered to celebrate her ever-evolving natural self and unafraid to dive into her imagination. Thank you @maybelline for having me represent the Golden that is my fashion-rich country, and it’s colour. Thank you @thefdci and @amazon.india , and my wonderful support team that im a fan of Thank you to all the designers, choreographers, stylists, artists, models, production, and facilitators that make this experience possible. It’s 5am already and I can’t wait for Day1 to begin in a few hours… id love to share looks and tales as they happen, from #AmazonIndiaFashionWeek SS17 … #makeithappen Wish us luck!

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Glow in the dark hair

After making your hair colorful as the rainbow, now it was the time to make them even glow in dark. One cannot stop from staring himself at this, specifically at night. I guess, this is a good option to tease your siblings in dark.

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Glow in dark hair

Glow in dark hair

Peel off lips and eyes

With this, the only thing I can think of is if it is not painful when you peel off such makeup?

This shit is so messy

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Armpit hair dye

This is the weird of all. People were adding funky colors to their armpit hair. Disgusting, no?

Armpit hair dye

Armpit hair dye