Is Rahul Gandhi smarter than a fifth grader? Makes basic math error while questioning BJP

Taking a potshot at the BJP, Rahul Gandhi singled out PM Narendra Modi and while placing forth his seventh question, he failed to get his math right.

Rahul Gandhi might have the party Presidency under his belt, but apparently, academics is not his strong suit. While demanding an account of the works Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has done in Gujarat in the past 22 years, the Congress Vice President made a mathematical faux pas with inflation calculation.

Taking a potshot at the BJP, Gandhi singled out Prime Minister Narendra Modi and while placing forth his seventh question, he failed to get his math right. In his question, he highlighted the difference in rates of commodities such as vegetables, cooking oil and fuel, around the last general elections in 2014 and their rates today.

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Rahul Gandhi at UC Berkeley (Photo: Facebook/ Rahul Gandhi)

(Courtesy: Facebook/ Rahul Gandhi)

As per the data Gandhi presented, the rates for gas cylinders had inflated from Rs 414 in 2014 to Rs 742 in 2017, a 79 percent rise. However, Gandhi’s report incorrectly mentioned it as a 179 percent rise.

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Similar errors were made with other rates as well. The prices of pulses were said to have risen by 177 percent instead of 77 percent. Additionally, inflation in tomato prices was listed as 285 percent instead of 185 percent. Onions were said to have gotten 200 percent more expensive, instead of 100 percent. It was also mentioned that milk prices had hiked by 131 percent instead of 31 percent and that diesel rates were 113 percent more expensive, instead of 13 percent.

Upon realising his error, Gandhi deleted the tweet, and stuck to simple subtraction, and listed the difference in the rates in a new graphic.

Guess he’s not too much into fractions and statistics.

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Ahead of the Gujarat polls, Rahul Gandhi had tossed a series of questions at Modi, asking him to justify the actions of his party about employment, women’s health and safety, housing, education, etc.