This Muslim Man Saved A Hindu Boy's Life By Breaking His Ramzan Fast

A Muslim man in Dehradun turned into a saviour for a 20-year-old Hindu patient by breaking his Ramzan fast so that he can donate his blood for him.

39-year-old Arif Khan broke his Ramzan fast after he was advised by doctors prior to the blood donation. A WhatsApp message on a common group had alerted Khan to the requirement of A+ blood at Max hospital in Dehradun.

The patient was 20 years old Ajay Bijlawan, who was hospitalized with a low blood platelet count had declined to  less than 5000.

“I called up the patient’s attendant and told him that I am fasting. I asked him to consult the doctor and if he’s willing to take my blood, then I have no issues. One of the doctors at the blood bank spoke to me and asked me to come to hospital. I underwent some tests at the hospital and the doctor told me that I can donate, however, I need to eat something before donating the blood,” Khan told InUth over phone from Dehradun.

Khan said it was the “right thing to do.”