Hey boys, these 5 dressing tips will help you charm the girl on first date!

Good dressing shows your social skills, likeability, and your approach towards the other person.

Charisma, confidence and a perfect blend of elegance and spunk are what it all takes to impress a girl on a first date. Every guy wants to nail his first date but ends up screwing it. It’s a fact that physical appearance matters a lot and when 90% of your body is covered, you do want clothes to be crisp, clear and confident. Good dressing shows your social skills, likeability, and your approach towards the other person. Going on a date and chickened out about what to wear? Here are the dressing tips for men to nail their first date-

Spice it up

Monochromatic is the thing of 70s. No girl wants to see a brown leather jacket with brown jeans compounded with brown shoes, and if she really knows- brown socks beneath! Make your choices vibrant and choose your colors wisely. But hold on. This doesn’t mean you go rainbow all over. Let the contrast exist to a near perfection.

Don’t get too seasonal

Neither does a date during summers mean minimal clothes nor do winter dates mean you make a bed of yourself with blankets on! Be sensible while grabbing clothes from your wardrobe. Shorts with cut-sleeves reveal much more than your armpit hair. And too many woolens on your body make you an Eskimo parading around in the Arctic.

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No overdoing if formal or casual

Plain and simple- don’t dress too formal or too casual. No girl wants to have her first memory with you in a business suit and you obviously don’t want the first memory to be the last.

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Footwear equally matters

Your footwear decides your confidence and body language. Ensure that your footwear compliments your clothes. Never put on bright colored shoes. Bonus tip- black is always handy. Black is a universal colour for footwear that goes perfect will all colour of dresses.

Wear her type if you know

Chances are that you guys have been talking lately on social media or messengers and know each other’s favourites. So, before actually going on the date, think what she likes when it comes to dresses and if she hasn’t mentioned what she likes the men best in, you may wear something in her favourite colour.

So, try these dressing tips for your first date and let clothes do their wonders and magic.