Dating, Job Satisfaction and Relationships: Here's why millennials have got it all wrong.

The older generations often call millenials lazy, entitled, self-interested and unfocused. Why is it that millenials struggle in their life with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and dissatisfaction weighing down like a burden of their shoulders?

Millennial: (noun) a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

If you’re a millennial, there’s high chance that you struggle with a feeling of dissatisfaction and disinterest at times -a certain lack of will to carry on. The things you do, you do them simply because you’re expected to and barely enjoy them anymore. The conversations become trivial and are barely substantial. The relationships that were once deep and meaningful have now become shallow and worthless.

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The older generations often call millennials lazy, entitled, self-interested and unfocused. Why is it that millennials struggle in their life with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and dissatisfaction weighing down like a burden of their shoulders?

Firstly, millennials- people who’re born after the year 1984 are subjected to bad parenting strategies. 1990s was the time when kids were fed the idea of “You is smart, you is kind, you is important“. The millennials, ever since they were kids were told by their parents that they’re special, and unique snowflakes who have a purpose and will grow up to achieve all the things that they’ve ever wanted.

Telling the kids that they’re special may not seem like a bad thing to do, but at times it gives birth to a sense of entitlement where the millennials feel that they’re entitled to rewards without working hard for them. Add it to it the ease of getting validated.

Validation for the older generations was something that was hard to get. It had to be earned. For millennials, validation has been something that’s always been available to them. All they’ve to do is read a Tumblr quote telling them that they’re special and off they go.

So when millennials, who grew up with a sense of entitlement and validation face failures, the entire world around them shatters. They don’t know how to handle failures, broken hearts and unfulfilled ambitions because they’ve always been told that they can get what they want. This leads to job dissatisfaction, failed relationships and depression.


Add to it the perils of social media and you have a recipe for disaster. Social media has always been an integral part of the lives of millennials. The number of likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram become the parameters based off which the millennials judge their self worth and often base their self esteem off them.

As a result, there’s pressure to look good on social media. We apply filters to photographs and pretend that life is awesome even though we’re dissatisfied and depressed. Each time we get a notification or a text message, a chemical Dopamine is secreted in our brains which makes us feel good. Dopamine is also the chemical secreted when one drinks or smokes, making it highly addictive.


Then begins the endless cycle of seeking pleasure and happiness from social media. Tinder has replaced real life dates and instant gratification is now taken to the next level where one has to swipe right to get a date. Gone are the days when dating involved dinner dates and a stroll down a beautiful beach. Gone are the days when one had to put in hard work to impress ones’ significant other. Now it’s all about pretending to be something one isn’t and faking it.

As a result, all relationships become shallow and meaningless. The couples have no emotional intimacy and lack a deep emotional connect. They barely have deep conversations anymore. Superficiality takes the center stage as authenticity hides in a dark corner.

It’s time millennials realized that there ain’t no apps for happiness and job satisfaction. One has to work hard for them. They’ve to be earned. Instant gratification can only get you so far. To forge deep and meaningful relationships, one has to make sincere efforts and invest emotionally. It’s only then that millennials will be able to live a satisfied and fulfilling life.