#BestOfInUth: 6 Fantastic Stories That May Help You Ease Your Way Into 2019

It's that time of the year when publications across the globe share listicles of their best stories, hoping some of you end up reading them.

It’s that time of the year when publications across the globe share listicles of their best stories, in the hope that some of you might finally break down and read them. And despite putting up a neon-filtered front of being far from the maddening crowd, we’re no different. We’d love for you to travel through 2018 with us, one last time.

Before the party-induced haze takes over, and your soul craves for nothing more than hangover food, read through these 6 stories from our team. There’s something to learn from each, a takeaway we hope that will see you slide into 2019’s DMs with hopefully more information, more empathy, more introspection.

1. Not All Moms Are Superheroes. Some Have Brushes With Alcoholism

For Mother’s Day, our Editor wrote about how we’re so busy deifying mothers, we forget they’re human too. A personal essay detailing his adolescent years, that will hopefully nudge along your YRF-worldview towards a much-needed paradigm shift.

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2. We Now Have Monthly Contraceptives For Women Because Of Course Men Can’t Be Bothered 

In case you’ve been obsessively avoiding reality, you should by now know, that men largely shove the responsibility of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, on women. There are pills and devices catering to women for that very purpose and men in cis relationships, despite being equal participants of intercourse, will often take for granted that the onus for not getting pregnant, is on the woman. Yes, even in 2018. We’d slow clap, but we have a headache.


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3. I Went To An LGBT+ Event And I Finally Understand What Asexuality Is All About

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people do not understand the many facets of sexuality. Most prefer to go through life, stumbling from one social media post to another, raving in their ignorance. Others, however, choose to educate themselves. In this piece, one of your youngest reporters attended an LGBT+ event and walked out a better-informed person. Here’s an account of him talking about the many aspects of asexuality.

Representational Image (Courtesy: Express Photo)

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4.  ‘Do You Offer Sexual Favours?’ How Indian Workplaces Treat Their LGBTQ Employees

We’ve yelled, ‘but it’s 2018’, more often than we’d have wanted to because reality in this country has often been stranger than fiction. And the reality is that discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender, sexual preferences and lifestyle might not be tolerated by our constitution, but it is still practised with gay abandon in our country. Speaking of being gay, did you know despite the horribly archaic Section 377 being partially scrapped, the fight for the LGBT+ community feels far from over? Why? Because, you homophobic. Read our reporter’s piece of several first person accounts of what happens behind the glossy doors in the corporate world.

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5. Vikram Motwane On Films, Netflix & What Went Wrong With Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

Vikramaditya Motwane spoke to our reporter about the kind of cinema he loves (and we stan, sir), the kind he likes making (we stan, again), streaming devices and how exciting that is for a filmmaker and, of course, his last film, ‘Bhavesh Joshi Superhero’. A film that sank faster than our hearts did when we realised this one’s no Motwane masterpiece. An interview we loved reading for the director’s beautifully detached worldview of his own films. Read. You won’t regret it.

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6. The Endangered Specimen That Is Neeraj Kabi

Read this for the sheer joy of getting to hear of Kabi’s passion for his craft in his own words. In a year that shows Kabi appear in ‘popular’ cinema and series and effortlessly shines in them, just as he shines in films perhaps only cinephiles watch. He is an endangered species for sure. Aloof from the hoopla that surrounds the entertainment industry, and yet increasingly found at the thick of the best they have to offer.

Neeraj Kabi, The Hungry, Naseeruddin Shah, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, Talvar, Ship of Theseus, Anand Gandhi, Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Tisca Chopra, Bornila Chatterjee, William Shakespeare

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Here’s hoping you all have a productive and wildly happy 2019. Cheers!